October 22, 2021

Write For Us

Centaur II is a blog all about business, finance, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and wealth. Covering topics like Marketing, Small Business, Environmental, Manufacturing and Logistics. 

Send us an overview of the article you have proposed in the message field on our contact page. We will always respond to questions and provide a link to a copy of your article, as well as your email address and contact information. We will always answer your question and, if possible, with your address. 

    The article must be good – written and accompanied by a suitable image, and the image must have the ability to be shared on your business blog page. 

    You have to be a blogger with your own active website, and if you’re passionate about writing, I won’t put a number on it, but it’s music to my ears. 

    Of course, you must have the right to distribute your copy and it must provide added value. An image that contains a description of the article, how it comes to life, and a link to the original article. 

    We encourage you to visit our guest posts on the day of publication and share them on your social networks. Add a link to the original article and a description of your guest post in your post. 

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